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Pre-Op Shopping List

The last thing you want after surgery is to be overburdened with the daily tasks of life.

We've compiled a list a helpful items that can make your life so much easier.

  • Loose clothing in dark colors that are easy on and off

  • A cute and comfy robe. There are days, especially in the beginning, when dressing is a true labor and wearing a nice robe is all we want/can do

  • Easy slip on slippers/shoes (we love shower shoes)

  • Grabbing tool. You will not be able to bend over and grab things you drop or reach for things as you are accustomed to, a grabbing tool will save you lots of frustration and unnecessary pain

  • Non-slip foot stool; depending on what surgery you have, standing up straight and reach for thing make prove to be very difficult. A simple foot stool can help tremendously. Bonus: can double as a seat in the shower if you are feeling lightheaded or worried about standing in the shower

  • Plastic mattress cover. Makes sliding into and out of bed much easier and also protects your mattress from body fluids.

  • XL puppy pads: will protect your bed/chair/etc. from body fluid as you drain. We also recommend standing on them when dressing/undressing, getting into/out of the shower, changing your pads, etc. while you are draining to eliminate having to clean up your floors.

  • Maxi pads for heavy flow/overnight/etc. You will drain A LOT the first 48hrs

  • Stool softener, laxatives, and or a fiber supplement. Extra important if you are taking pain medication as they cause constipation

  • Mint or Ginger Tea to help with nausea

  • Pedialyte, Liquid IV, etc. You will be drinking A LOT of water. Be sure to replace minerals and electrolytes that can be flushed out with increased water consumption

  • Brain Game Puzzle Books, Crosswords, etc. to help keep you "busy" while you heal

  • Audio books. Holding a book or finding a comfortable position to read in will prove to be a task so we love audio books...and its a nice break from TV.

  • Throat lozenges. You may have a very sore throat or cough after surgery from your breathing tube

  • Compression socks

We hope you find this list helpful!

We'll cover helpful supplements and diet in another post.

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