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2 Important Aides for Reducing Fibrosis After Cosmetic Surgery

Possible the most common secondary effects of surgery is fibrosis. To avoid fibrosis development it’s very important to do two things:

  1. Start your post-op manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) as soon as possible! 24hrs after surgery is recommended to begin your treatments.

  2. Wear your faja 24/7 and to be sure to have the right compression and fit.

What are the risk factors of Fibrosis?

Some risk factors include:

  • The size of your scar. A larger scar means there are more possibilities to develop fibrous tissue.

  • Genetics. Some are prone to develop fibrosis. Even minor trauma to the skin can develop into big scars (keloids).

  • Lack of movement. Remember: after surgery you need to move every hour for at least 5 minutes.

There is no way to say who will and will not develop fibrosis, but if you developed fibrosis it can be treated (ideal at an early stage) with manual lymphatic drainage, cavitation, radiofrequency, fascia stretches, microneedling (for surface scars and skin tightening) or a combination of said treatments.

Fibrosis should be treated as soon as you notice hard lumps under the skin. The longer you wait to see a professional for treatments, the more difficult to combat. So when you are planning your surgery budge, be sure to include Post Op Care Treatments to ensure your best results and healing.

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