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Our Story

Struggling to care for yourself after any surgery can be difficult, and we fully understand this.  Couple your emotional and physical recovery with the need for proper support and gentle post-op care and you start to feel overwhelmed before your journey even begins.


We firmly believe that Post-Op Care services are vital for healthy healing and quicker recovery time.  Ahem, we know Post-Op Care is vital.

And when we say Post-Op Care, this goes beyond the aftercare instruction from your surgeon.  There are several important treatments that easy discomfort, swelling, expedite your recovery time, and help you maximize your results.

Coven Beauty + Wellness was conjured to help you heal and offer mindful support with focus on you as a beautiful individual, compassion, and caring. 


From post-op aid service (we'll pick you up from surgery & get you home) to in-home lymphatic drain massages, we are ready to assist with a range of home services, and always do so with kindness, caring, and compassion.

We also offer in studio services such as RF Skin Tightening, Ultrasound Cavitation, Lymphatic Drain, Lash Extensions, Facials, and more with our sister branch, Face Envy Beauty Studio

Think of us as your Coven of Surgery Sisters. 

We can't wait to be part of your beauty and wellness journey.

FYI: we offer our services to anyone and everyone! That means you don't need to be post or pre-op to benefit from our services: we cherish every body.

Image by Dollar Gill
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